As a family run company, our vision as a “boutique office” is that our services and business relationships exceed and move beyond engineering and aesthetics. We stress on building strong relationships and friendships with our clientele; our goal is to provide them with cost-conscious, environmentally-friendly, and comprehensive A to Z packages, in accordance to their individual and unique tastes and needs.

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  • Goussous Engineering is sad to bid farewell to two of our talented architects and would like to wish Arch. Hana Elayan and Arch. Tara Yamek all the best and thank them for their great effort and contribution to the success of our office. They will both be dearly missed.

  • بكل فخر واعتزاز شارك فريق القسوس للخدمات الهندسية في فعاليات اطلاق المنطقه المركزيه الشماليه التابعه لشركة تطوير العقبة و سلطة منطقة العقبه الاقتصادية الخاصة في مدينة العقبة

  • Goussous Engineering Bureau was privileged to be a part of commemorating the late martyred judge RaedZuaiter (who was killed by the Israeli army in March 2014 on the borders of Jordan).

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Al – Wafi Commercial Building & Gas Station

This is a 10,000 square meter gas station and office building complex. The contemporary deconstructed form was derived from the “speed” and “forces” of the vehicles that pulls at the building from the highway.
The design, materials and colors of the building were meant to express the concepts of "Energy Sources", “Energy Saving”, and "Green Architecture". 

A "Green Facade" and "Green Roof" were introduced to make the gas station more environmentally friendly. The multi-use of solar panels as energy sources and sun shaders were custom designed to cover the drive-through ATM machines, and coffee-shop entrance. 

The sign itself of the complex was to be “self efficient” as it consisted of a fan that runs the sign with wind-power.

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Goussous engineering bureau is proud to announce our new affiliation with Moral Arquitectura the esteemed Spanish architecture firm based in Madrid under the direction of esteemed architect Fernando Moral. This new cooperation promises to build bridges of intercultural fusion between the architectural styles of both firms and provide new services for our combined platforms of clientele as well as specialised localised on ground knowledge in both sister cities Amman and Madrid.

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