Commercial Projects

Architectural design

Al – Wafi Commercial Building & Gas Station


This is a 10,000 square meter gas station and office building complex. The contemporary deconstructed form was derived from the “speed” and “forces” of the vehicles that pulls at the building from the highway.

The design, materials and colors of the building were meant to express the concepts of "Energy Sources", “Energy Saving”, and "Green Architecture". 

A "Green Facade" and "Green Roof" were introduced to make the gas station more environmentally friendly. The multi-use of solar panels as energy sources and sun shaders were custom designed to cover the drive-through ATM machines, and coffee-shop entrance. 

The sign itself of the complex was to be “self efficient” as it consisted of a fan that runs the sign with wind-power.

Total Gas Station Proposal

Store Façade & Interior Design

Select Food Stores – Amman – June 2015 – Under construction


Select Food Stores is a specialty food stores in Amman that specializes in Italian gourmet food products.

Our task was to recreate the façade and the interior to generate a rustic design with an Italian feel. As if one is passing through a street in Italy.

The interior design was re-created by adding wooden ceiling features, banners, and the cheese and cold cuts area was redesigned.

Interior Design

Coffee City Proposal – Sharjah – UAE – Collaboration with DECOPRO


Coffee city is a coffee shop branch made up of several stores located in Amman. The client was opening a branch in Sharjah starting a chain in UAE.

Our task was to reinvent the existing style of the store and apply it in the new chain of stores in UAE.

The materials to be used are the same honey colored wood used in the original store, as well as the same color (green).

The graphics used in the proposal were all related to the coffee bean and the coffee tree. The columns are to be treated with wood and lit acrylic to form a coffee bean tree branch.

Coffee beans were used as a display element for the coffee table and wall using custom built wood and acrylic fixtures.

Tarek Pharmacy