Hospitality Projects

Architectural design

Mosaic City - Madaba


Renovation project: This is a family owned hotel in the ancient city of Madaba and one that we are particularly proud of because of all the difficulties that were overcome in order to realize it.  

Special care was taken to emphasize the inviting family atmosphere and the particularity of the location in one of the oldest cities in Jordan.

Hotel - Madaba


This is a renovation/rehabilitation project for an existing building in Madaba. The existing building is an abandoned semi-completed two floor commercial building that is to be transformed into a three-star hotel.

The difficulty in this project was that the existing building had irregular angles, and irregular columns that were distributed without a grid. The interior was therefore the biggest challenge, and was solved by creating customized interior-solutions for each and every column.

Scheduled for construction this spring, this building is to include three restaurants, a multi-purpose hall, a gym, a spa, and an outdoor pool.

Baptism Hotel Proposal – Concept Phase - Baptism Site


This project was a proposal for a hotel for Christian pilgrims to be located at the baptism site in Jordan. The aim was to provide the tourists with an unforgettable spiritual experience while visiting the Baptism Site, and revitalizing while preserving the historical image of the area. The Site Plan design was generated by reviving the old Pilgrimage Trail.